who is sean?
Sean is a session, studio, and live guitarist. He plays on film scores and commercial jingle sessions, and is also working on his own music. He has also played with these bands.


Jimmy Chamberlin: From the first note Sean played I knew he was our guy...His angular guitar playing was exactly what I had been hearing in my head...His approach to the instrument was innovative, if not profound.
Rajiv Singh on Bill Madden’s album Gone: Dangerous Game is the album’s most chilling track. It begins with a solitary Madden fingering a nylon string guitar. In the song’s progression, he’s eventually accompanied by Jimmy Chamberlin Complex/Abandoned Pools alumnus, Sean Woolstenhulme, whose sublime mayhem on electric guitar evokes an explosive hell realm of Fallujah-esque sound and imagery. By the end of the sonic assault, there is little doubt, the fuse has been lit with no easy way out.

On Kurt Cobain: It’s amazing how much somebody doing their thing and playing power chords can influence you. He played with so much balls... I like the fact that he didn’t really care. he just did it because it sounded cool.

Sometimes you just have to stop thinking about stuff. I know that when I get ‘heady’ I play horrible. When you realize and listen to what you hear as opposed to what you know, it’s like a whole other world.

What’s great about playing with Abandoned Pools is how it allows me to use a wide palette of sounds,” he says. “The music can be as offensive or as pretty as you want. It covers the entire spectrum of rock. The possibilities are endless. There’s a meaning and purpose to it, as well as a system behind it… which makes it more of a challenge to play.


Born on March 1 in Oregon and moved to Arizona. Currently resides in Venice Beach, California.

Older brother Rick is the drummer for Lifehouse.

Mainly plays guitar, but can also plays bass.

Attended LA Music Academy (LAMA) as guitar major. Graduated first in class in September 2000.

Played the trumpet and baritone in fifth and sixth grade.

Wrote a blues song for a class in high school.

Sean was a starter 2nd baseman for the Gilbert High School Baseball team all four years.

One of his favorite books is The Confederacy of Dunces.

His first guitar gig was at a friend’s wedding on August 28th, 1998, where he did a duo with his dad, who played keyboard and sang.

Favorite Guitarists: acoustic guitarist David Rawlings (plays with the modern old-time country singer Gillian Welch), Wayne Krantz (jazz-fusion guitarist), and Jason Faulkner (pop singer-songwriter).


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